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Smugglers Underwear: How it all began!

How did it all begin? Well, many years ago when I was at University, before I was The Captain, I thought designing and selling my own underwear would be a lot of fun! In case you were wondering, I was right.

I began planning everything. I was looking at the designs, contacting suppliers and discussing quantities, materials and shipping until I suddenly realised. I was still a very poor, unorganised and irresponsible uni student, drinking my fair share of rum and vodka weekly.  I didn’t have the resources, experience or confidence to follow through. So the I put the idea in a bottle, sealed it and threw it out to sea, not really thinking of it again.

It wasn’t until I found myself living in Melbourne, Australia. Living out my dream! That I remembered I had another one. And it was as if I found that old bottle all sealed up, and smashed it open. The ideas came flooding back to me. Here I was, in a position where I did now have the experience, the people and the resources to make this happen.

When I started looking materials, sustainability and being conscious of my environmental impact in general were at the forefront of my mind (I am a millennial after all…). Bamboo was getting big, it was sustainable, it was environmentally friendly, it was cleaner and best of all softer, than its counterpart cotton. (The mortal enemy!).

I am surrounded by people who were able to support me and help me with my vision. I have a talented artist for a brother. He was able to design the patterns based on the ‘briefs’ I gave him. He lives back in England, so the back and fourth with time differences was a challenge, but my night owl mentality helped see me through. I have friends in marketing and communications who have given me their time and support helping launch the website, socials and every other aspect of the business.

For months we went back and fourth with designs, researching suppliers and manufactures, writing budgets and making final decisions.

Finally we are hear. Smugglers Underwear has set sail. It took longer than I thought, and I cannot wait to show you all our designs as time sails by.

Myself and my Crew are avid environmental supporters and have been for years, from recycling and clean ups to veganism and at-home compost, we know this is our only planet. Smugglers Underwear. From our website to your floordrobe!

Sustainable. Comfortable. Breathable. Underwear for Men. 

The Captain 


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