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Bamboo: The Facts!

Bamboo has been used throughout various regions of Asia by countless buccaneers for many many years. It is only now that Western pirates have discovered the benefits of bamboo.  Bamboo is a versatile natural resource that is sustainable and more beneficial to us than cotton.
Infographic facts about bamboo, detailed below also.
There are more details below for you nosey Scallywags! 

Bamboo process of manufacture info-graph.

The Detailed Facts!

Bamboo is actually classified as a grass, not a wood, from the grass family: Poaceae.

Bamboo is super hygienic as it is naturally anti-bacterial so does not hold unwanted smells!

Bamboo uses much less water to grow than the equivalent amount of cotton; approximately two thirds less, so does not require any irrigation!

Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and releases more oxygen for us to breathe than cotton.

 No pesticides are required when growing bamboo, as it has a naturally high pest resistance.

No fertilisers are required either, as bamboo grows incredibly fast naturally.

Bamboo is strong and tensile, some varieties are even used as scaffolding for building works within Asia.

Bamboo is biodegradable so will not linger once you have had all the use you can out of your underwear, unlike synthetic fabrics!

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and does not use plastics. Be sure to recycle the box once you have opened your treasure too! 


From Plants to Pants - The Details! 

To turn the bamboo into the soft and comfortable boxers, briefs or trunks that all can enjoy takes time, effort and patience. 



Close up of Bamboo Growing in a field
Bamboo has grown naturally on the mountainsides in China for thousands of years and uses no harmful chemicals or toxins. Growing from new shoots it takes four years for bamboo to reach maturity and be ready to harvest.  Other materials used for clothing, such as cotton, take many more years to grow and replenish, making bamboo a much more sustainable product.

Mature bamboo is very resilient and strong; it has a tensile strength quite similar to mild steel, which is why it's an excellent natural alternative to steel scaffolding in Asia. As bamboo grows it leads a solitary life, having few pests attack, meaning it is not susceptible to disease. Japanese scientists have found this is because of a unique anti-bacterial agent that is a part of the bamboo, named Bamboo Kun.

The Bamboo Kun alongside the tight molecular structure of the bamboo fibres are believed to be the reason for its anti-bacterial properties. As this is a natural part of the Bamboo and not a chemical additive, it is gentler on your skin and unlikely to cause skin irritations and other problems. 



Sewing Image, to symbolise processing and manufacture of underwear
Once the Bamboo is harvested it is crushed and pulverised to remove the cellulose that is needed to create the yarn.

The cellulose is then washed, coloured, and dried resulting in a fluff that is very long and incredibly fine, more so than other fibres. This fluff is then spun into a yarn, ready to be made into bamboo fabric that creates Smugglers Underwear.

The fineness and softness of the bamboo fluff is what makes bamboo fabric so comfy to wear and so soft to touch, we just can't get over how soft Smugglers feel! We obviously are mad about bamboo on the Smugglers Ship, and cannot wait for you to love & enjoy them as much as we do!



Smugglers Underwear Bamboo Boxers on Male model laid on Sofa
Bamboo is an incredibly durable material. The strength of the fibres enable Smugglers trunks to be less susceptible to wearing and fraying than other fabrics. The bamboo fibres are hollow which enables the dye to be retained more permanently thus making it much more colourfast, giving your underwear longer lasting colour.

Because of its excellent anti-bacterial property, bamboo material does not easily trap unwanted body odours and smells, so you stay fresher for longer.


Work like a Captain and play like a Pirate.



We Keep Our Pirates Informed

The pulverisation does responsibly use caustic soda. When using caustic soda responsibly, it has no effect on workers health or the environment. It does not remain as a residue on bamboo clothing and it is easily washed off. This process is a closed process so all solvents and water used are captured again and do not go beyond the production cycle. It is used in other manufacturing processes like organic cotton, soap and food preparation. Caustic soda is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the UK Soil Association.  


If you have any questions or queries around bamboo, its facts, the processes involved or any of its amazing qualities, then please email us Here!